Lloydminster Carwash

This was a pilot project for Shell, the first modular Carwash to be built in Canada (Lloydminster). The carwash was supplied by Genesis Modular Carwash Building Systems, based in Norcross, Georgia. We had teams from BC, Alberta and Georgia (US) all coming together to deliver this quality product. We faced many challenges from transporting these fully complete units from Georgia, to navigating through the importation process. We had tight site access which caused us to use a mammoth 500 tonne crane which dwarves anyone standing next to it. The carwash install was conducted safely and all parties were extremely happy to see it landed. The carwash is now up and running I want to thank everyone that was involved in this project as it takes a lot of time and effort to turn an idea into reality.

2018 Description:

After our successful Fairview RUST project, we were approached by AECOM Canada to build the FIRST EVER modular carwash in Canada for Shell.

We are extremely proud and excited to have been awarded this pilot project.

We understand that opportunities such as this don’t happen often.

One of the deciding factors in awarding this project to Parke Pacific was our exemplary safety culture and our ability to go above and beyond when it comes to the safety of everyone onsite.

Proving to everyone involved that safety can be profitable!