The petroleum industry has connotations attached to it that lead people to believe that it is a dirty industry. The practices and principles that we have adopted allow us to dispel those sentiments. At Parke Pacific we believe in striving to create an environment that is a beacon for environmental sustainability and green practices.

Reduce and Recycle Construction Waste

Onsite, we separate construction materials and dispose of appropriately to alleviate the impact on landfills. We save and re-use materials to be used on future projects.

Environmental Compliance

We have Safe Work Practices created which outline the control, elimination and reporting requirements of any environmental situation. Erosion and sediment control,  Silica Safety, Transportation of Dangerous Goods are just a few that we are experienced in. We adhere to these stringent guidelines, which enables us to proudly say that our jobsites are a leader for environmental compliance in this industry.

Green Building Practices

Our design team incorporates modern green building practices into the design phase. New environmentally sustainable products are welcomed in our projects. With the ultimate goal being, to reduce the carbon footprint of all our projects.


Our environmental policies are reviewed annually and modified to adopt new practices that have entered into our industry.